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Game Thread #131: Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers (2)

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Well, that was a fun horrible crazy interesting first inning. En route to forcing Justin Verlander to throw 44 pitches and to give up 2 runs, the A's offense appeared alive again, and gave Tommy Milone a lead before he ever took the mound. Unfortunately, he didn't get an out until his fifth batter; he got a lucky double-play, and nearly pitched himself out of the inning with just a tie, but an error by Callaspo--a casual, I-don't-care, sloppy, lazy error that probably should have had Melvin pull him for Sogard in the middle of the inning--gave the Tigers their third run. The A's trail 3-2 going to the second inning. I'm not sure if we should hope for rain. I know we should hope for more runs. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!