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Game Thread #131: Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers

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Lace up your cleats; the A's are at it again this afternoon, as Game 2 in this all-important four-game series takes place at Comerica Park. After winning Game 1 in thrilling, see-saw, heart-attack-inducing fashion last night, the A's will take the field against their playoff-hope-crushing nemesis, Justin Verlander. Tommy Milone will try to prove that he belongs in the starting rotation for the last month of the season with his start tonight.


Good afternoon, and welcome to 2013 Oakland Athletics baseball, where the EKG's are numerous because the stress level is high! I hope everyone is recovering from the nail-biter game last night, in which the A's drove us to drink, hide under couches, and pull out all our hair. But in the end, the team that has been playing like the Little Engine that Can't Hit, Field, or Pitch put it all on the line last night in a gusty performance throughout the rollercoaster night to win the game and beat one of the Tigers' best starters. That was a brilliant win, hard-fought and well worth the time invested. I'm actually hoping for the same kind of game tonight, because it means that the A's found a way to compete against Justin Verlander, something they were unable to do eleven months ago. In the A's corner is the fact that Verlander has struggled some this season, but he can be the best pitcher in baseball when he's on.

The red-hot Coco Crisp, who is singlehandedly putting the A's on his back as they limp towards the finish line of the season, will be leading off tonight, batting a million this week. Donaldson will try his hand in the 2-hole, and Barton will be back at first base. Vogt will be catching for a second day in a row. Yoenis Cespedes and Seth Smith will be in the middle of the lineup, both aboard the struggle bus, and both desperately trying to break out of it.

Here are your lineups: