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GameThread #130: A's @ Tigers (3)

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Miguel did his thing, but we answered back. oh yes we did.

We are in the middle of the Tigers' soft bullpen underbelly.  Jose Alvarez, a very pedestrian reliever took over for Anibal Sanchez., and Coco, BARTON, and the A's offense coming through yet again!  Knocked him out of the game and looking for more vs. Al Albuquerque!

Daric Barton is making quite the rise up from the dead.  To think, 29 teams could've picked up this RBI machine...for free! 2 RBIs!

If he keeps it up, him and Freiman could become the Super Slap Brothers, which I think we'd all be stoked about.

Thanks A's Farm for this awesome pic, Johnny w/Billy.  BEAT ON THE BRAT WITH A BASEBALL BAT.



A's up 6-4, trying to add on in the 6th!