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AN Day Sept 8: Seat Upgrade and Tailgate Planning

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Hear ye, Hear ye!

Ezra Shaw

AN Day is only two weeks away! The big day is Sunday, September 8, and we still have a couple of things to plan before it all goes down.

First, there is an important update regarding the tickets. My plan with the $23 tickets had been to get us somewhere in Sections 126-130, but, when I called in on Friday to make the purchase, there was no space in that area for a group of our size. The best seats we could get would be Section 103, by the right-field foul pole. However, for $7 more per person, we can sit in the lower 1st deck right behind the A's bullpen. This seems like a no-brainer upgrade for me, so I'm going to do it.

But, I'm doing it on pure faith. If you've already paid me your $23, then you've done your part and you're getting a ticket no matter what. I would love it if everyone would throw down the extra $7, but I understand that I probably won't get the full amount from everyone. That's OK, because I made this decision on my own without really consulting everyone, so any negative consequences are mine. So, you have three options:

1. Send an extra $7 per ticket to the same email address as before on Paypal.
2. Bring the extra cash to the tailgate and give it to me there.
3. Do neither, and I will understand and not think less of you as a person and you will still have a ticket for the game because you already paid me what I initially asked for.

As for the tailgate, let's use this as an open forum to brainstorm for that. Here are a few basic pieces to start with:

1. The tailgate will begin at 10:00am.
2. The location will be B Lot, because A Lot will be taken by Fiesta Day festivities.
3. The food will most likely be potluck style, unless anyone (or multiple people) would like to volunteer to bring extra stuff. I'll probably do a small Costco run and have a little bit of community food, but we have over 50 people coming so I can't do it alone!

So, here are the things we need to happen in the comments:

1. Your opinion on the ticket upgrade - I'm doing it tomorrow morning unless I hear a compelling reason not to.
2. Whether or not you're going to throw down the extra $7 for your ticket (hopefully yes because I'm on the hook for whatever doesn't get covered, but I understood that going into it).
3. What you would like bring, if anything, for the tailgate. In addition to food and drink, we need stuff to grill with, and hopefully a few people with trucks will park in the lot.

Finally, here is the official list of people who I am buying tickets for. If you think that you're supposed to be on this list, or I got your quantity wrong, then tell me ASAP. Lack of an asterisk means that I have not yet received your payment, so please send me that ($30 per ticket). A second asterisk means that you've pitched in the extra $7 already:

*AhemOnWry (+1)
*Alex Hall
*Athletix Man (+1)
*CaliCelt (+1)
*cbscott25 (+1)
*chri5 (+1)
*GoldenStateGuerrero (+1)
*MatZt (+3)

*Maylai (+1)
*MobiusKlein (+3)
*RickeyRun (+1)
*son of ptbarnum
*Torrey's Tacos
**Tutu-late (+3)
*Tyler Bleszinski

Also attending on their own tickets:


Fire away in the comments!