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Game Thread #128: A's at Orioles

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Dear A's,Please win.Love, Alex

Ezra Shaw

I'm afraid to look. What if it's bad again? What if they blow another lead? What if they never get a lead? What if this is one more disappointing performance by the A's?

No, I have to look. A 3.5-game deficit at the end of August is not insurmountable. There are two Wild Cards. This season is not over. And even if it were, I'd still have to look. Can't give up just because the team is struggling.

Here are two bits of news to cheer you up before the game:

The road to victory today goes through right-hander Chris Tillman, who has put up a solid season but is susceptible to the longball. Oakland counters with Jarrod Parker, who has put up great starts his last two times out (17.1 innings, 2 runs, 14:1 KBB).


Kurt Suzuki gets the nod for the first time since returning home, and Josh Reddick is apparently healthy enough to play.

Go A's!