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Game Thread #127: Oakland Athletics at Baltimore Orioles

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In a series that cannot be overstated as "Who's going to the playoffs?" the A's face off against the rival Orioles as they try to forget their last two games, their latest series loss, and just their overall terrible play and pretend this is a very short season. Which it is. Every game counts, here we go!


So a lot has happened to the A's since I last saw you. There is some wild rumor that Kurt Suzuki is back with the team; I literally have blocked him from my mind, so it's like getting a whole new catcher! Also, this probably means that Norris is out, since Vogt is starting tonight, despite the wicked hit he took in Wednesday's game. Josh Reddick had an MRI, and he's not yet on the DL, so we're hoping for good news, but not so good that he's in the lineup tonight. So we have Seth Smith instead. I know.

This team of A's, pretty much all on the struggle-bus right now, are what we have to work with for the next 30+ games, a short season if there ever was one. But the Orioles are their rivals, looking to get back in playoff contention, so they will be hungry for this series. The A's need to pull out all of the stops in this one to record a series win. They could use a "W" tonight to start off the weekend.

Dan Straily will be taking on Bud Norris, and Straily really needs a good start tonight.

Here are your lineups: