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Game Thread #126: Oakland Athletics vs. Seattle Mariners

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After last night's debacle of a loss, the A's need to regroup and win the game today for the series win. This will not be an easy task against Hisashi Iwakuma. They really should have won the game last night, but they didn't, so here we are.

Thearon W. Henderson

I'm not sure the wound has healed enough to play baseball quite yet, but one of the great things about this sport is it doesn't allow much, if any, time to wallow in defeat; we're back on the field today, hours from a nightmare eighth inning that saw a fantastic pitching performance slip away with lack of follow-up offense and bullpen work.

But the A's have to move on, and right away, as they face off against Iwakuma this afternoon. A.J. Griffin will look to be up to the task of beating Seattle. The A's are down another catcher, Derek Norris broke his toe in last night's eighth inning, so Vogt is it. Let's hope for good health for him.

Here's the A's lineup for the game: