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DLD 8-20-13: It's Sonny In Oakland

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Links for Tuesday, August 20, 2013.

Thearon W. Henderson

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Sonny Gray is making his third major league start tonight, and I'm excited. Here are some links while we wait. But first, a list of important things that have happened on August 20:

-1000: Hungary is founded by Saint Stephen. Happy Birthday, Hungary!

-1707: The British try unsuccessfully to capture Pensacola from the Spanish. Which is hilarious, really, because they were fighting over Pensacola.

-1858: Charles Darwin first publishes his theory of evolution.

-1882: Tchaikovsky debuts the 1812 Overture.

1938: Lou Gehrig hit his 23rd career grand slam. That record still stands No, it doesn't - Alex Rodriguez tied it last year. Boooo. Good catch from chillicothe20.

Now, some links:

Check out the recently re-introduced Athletics Nation Lounge, where pants are apparently optional.

-A cool article from Fangraphs about Josh Reddick "sticking with it".

-Susan Slusser's article from yesterday evening about Coco Crisp's return to the lineup and about Brett Anderson's rehab plans. She also talks about the plan for A's starters once Anderson and Colon both come back. We might see a six-man rotation.

-Samuel Lam tells us how Adam Olson, owner and operator of Opening Day Designs, has been forced by the MLBPA to remove the vast majority of his inventory from his website because apparently the player-specific shirts violated intellectual property rights.

-Yet another excellent article by Rhamesis Muncada of about promotions (specifically bobbleheads), their effect on attendance, and the number distributed by various teams when they orchestrate giveaways like the A's did on Saturday night.

-It's been a bad week for former A's shortstop Miguel Tejada. Basically, his career is over, because after getting suspended 105 games for a positive adderall test, he's now been linked to Biogenisis.

-We all saw it coming, but Albert Pujols is officially out for the year with a plantar fascia tear.

Dump away!