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(Re-)Introducing the Athletics Nation Lounge

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A hang out spot on Athletics Nation to shoot the breeze has returned. Pants are optional.

Straight Loungin'
Straight Loungin'
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Old-timers to this site know that there used to be a place where ANers gathered outside of gametime to talk about anything in particular.  While baseball talk is welcome there, of course, there are also plenty of other threads to do so in.  It also has the upshot of keeping the recap threads on topic as best we can.

These are really informal, and will be refreshed when they get to 500-600 comments or so. Post pictures, GIFs, whatever. Just keep it mostly clean (If it is NSFW, link it and don't post it), and continue to follow the CGs.

There is a new Lounge for today, but the latest Lounge can always be found at  There will also be a section on the main page for it.

Lounge away!