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Colon to the DL; Anderson maybe returning to rotation

Oddly, the A's putting someone on the DL is actually newsworthy these days. Fancy that!

Pitch better this time, Tommy
Pitch better this time, Tommy
Thearon W. Henderson

When I said I wanted Brett Anderson back in the rotation, this isn't really what I had in mind:

As Slusser mentioned, it will be Tom Milone starting tomorrow in his stead. With a couple weeks in AAA now, hopefully Milone has had a chance to work on his command. Or maybe add about 10 MPH to his fastball. Okay, I guess the former is more likely.

On the other hand, this is what depth is for, right? Here's hoping that if nothing else, resting Colon for about 20 days or so will have him back to his Cy Young-contending form upon his return.