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Game Thread #122: A's vs. Indians

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The baseball gods shined on the A's last night, helping them to a 3-2 victory. Can they make another appearance tonight?

Jason O. Watson

After two disappointing losses to begin the homestand, the A's have now evened their record since. An excellent outing by Sonny Gray, a walk-happy outing from A.J. Griffin precedes today's performance by another young A's starter. Dan Straily threw the ball well in his last start against the Blue Jays, shutting them out over 7.1 innings, K'ing 5, and walking 3. With any luck, Straily will be able to keep his slider and fastball down against this Indians team.

The A's will face Ubaldo Jimenez for the second time this year. Previously, Jimenez held the A's to 4 hits and 2 runs over 5.2 innings during his start on May 6th at Cleveland. For the year, he has a 4.11 ERA; better than last year, but nowhere near his peak in Colorado, where he looked like an ace for years to come.

Finally, it's Yoenis Cespedes bobblehead day, meaning that people have been queueing up since the early afternoon. It should be a big crowd, hoping to see their souvenir's namesake propel the team to victory.

Here are the lineups: