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Game Thread #121: Oakland Athletics vs. Cleveland Indians

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The A's righted the ship yesterday afternoon, beating Houston in the final game of the series to start a winning streak (currently at one) heading into this weekend's series against a team that destroyed the A's during their last meet-up. The A's will have to be at the top of their game to beat Cleveland, and the home crowd will be ready to rock. I'll be at the game tomorrow, hoping the A's will be going for their third win in a row.

Thearon W. Henderson

Good evening and welcome to Oakland Athletics baseball! The A's check in tonight one and a half games out of the AL West lead, as Texas matches up against Seattle tonight. We'll keep a close eye on that game. Meanwhile, the A's will take on this season's nemesis; the Cleveland Indians. The A's should draw good crowds this weekend (I'll be there tomorrow), so let's see if we can't cheer them into a playoff race!

Things will look a little different for the A's offense tonight. They are missing Coco Crisp yet again, so Callaspo will be DH'ing and leading off. Hopefully not bunting. A.J. Griffin will be on the mound, facing off against Justin Masterson. The lineups will look like this: