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Game Thread #120: A's vs. Astros

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If you thought the A's would be trying to avoid a sweep this afternoon at this time last week.... you're a liar. They will attempt to do exactly that today against the Astros.

Don't let your hat float away, Sonny!
Don't let your hat float away, Sonny!
Brad White

To put it flatly, the A's really need this game. After two of the unluckiest and gut-wrenching losses they've had all season, the A's will attempt to salvage this series against Erik Bedard and the Astros. Regression is a bitch, ain't it?

It'll be Sonny Gray making his home debut today. After a decent outing his last time out against the Blue Jays, Gray will face another hack-happy lineup this afternoon. After a ridiculously bad April and May, Bedard has been quietly decent since. At the risk of further angering the SSS gods, his FIP by month follows:

June: 3.30

July: 3.93

Aug: 2.95

An audition to come to the A's perhaps? I wouldn't mind him slotting in the bullpen for now, then making a few starts down the stretch if he continues pitching the way he has for the last two-plus months. If nothing else, it'll give some of the other starters a rest. He also comes cheap at $1.15M, pro-rated. Plus, morbidly, I want to see the Astros have no one making significantly over the league minimum, and I'll get my wish if he does get traded.

Lineups. Over/under on bunt attempts is set at 3.5: