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Game Thread #119: Oakland Athletics vs. Houston Astros

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After last night's gut-wrenching loss, the A's try to bounce back tonight with a victory against the Astros in a battle of the best spelling of "Jarrod". Jered Weaver is jealous. Unfortunately, the A's are facing a real pitcher tonight in Jarred Cosart, who will be facing off against Jarrod Parker.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

I'm not going to lie; last night still hurts. The game was in the A's reach so many times, and they just couldn't pull it out. And in what was truly a magical first half to the 2013 season, either Sogard or Young's balls would have headed out of the park into the Oakland night for walk-off pie. But because this is the second half, and devoid of all magic so far (SO FAR!), the A's were beaten by the Astros last night.

But because we cheer for baseball team, there's always a game tomorrow, so we can't wallow too long. The A's need to focus all of their energy into hitting the very good Jarred Cosart tonight, while Jarrod Parker tries to keep the Astros off the board. Both will be easier said than done, with the luck (and the trouble) the A's have had lately.

Here are your lineups: