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DLD 8-14-2013: Replay Edition

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Tom Szczerbowski

Some select quotes from last night's recaps.  From SFGate's recap by Steven Kroner:

"I just wanted (the umpires) to take a look because we've been down that road before," Melvin said, adding that Eddings "felt like he was 100 percent sure. He was, but I just felt like as close as it looked from us, and the reaction from everybody, (it) at least would suggest a look - and I appreciate they went and looked at it."

From Jeff Kirshman's recap:

"I thought it was going to stay true," Young said. "From my point of view, I thought it was fair. I just appreciate the umpires going to check it out. That's all you can ask for. If it's foul, it's foul. Just go look at it and get it right, and they got it right. We were inches away from winning that game."

Ironically, today, MLB Owners will consider expanded replay.  Here's Balkin' Bob Nightengale:

This is going to entail more work than turning the Houston Astros into a playoff contender again.

Elaborate cameras will need to be set up at every ballpark, particularly on the outfield walls.

A monitoring system will need to be established so umpiring crews can check replays with the New York office - likely with a major league umpiring crew standing by - to determine whether the call on the field will stand.

Need more Adam Rosales talk?  The Fangraphs podcast devoted a significant portion of their Monday podcast to his saga.  The best line:

Adam Rosales is like that girl on the side: they don't want to date him, but they want to sleep with him occasionally and they want him around.

Other interesting stuff:

A gorilla playing baseball in a Korean movie

A good article about age - something I think is often overlooked in Monday-morning prospect evaluation - on THT

Jonah Keri is always awesome.  Miguel Cabrera is more awesome than him in a hitting context.

Finally, if you've missed the old ESPN Baseball Today podcast, Eric Karabell and Dave Schoenfield are hosting this week while Olney is on vacation.  They even had Mark Simon on today, making for a reunion trifecta.  So, good time to listen if only for this week.

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