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Athletics Nation Meetup: Sunday, Sept 8 vs Houston!

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The date is set. Let's start making arrangements.


Let's get down to business, Athletics Nation! The date is set for this year's AN Day at the Coliseum: Sunday, Sept 8, vs the Houston Astros. Game time is 1:05pm, but let's set a tentative meetup time of 10:00am in A Lot (that's the big one right as you enter the Coliseum parking lot).

Here is my current RSVP list (last updated Friday at 12:30pm). The list of people who have paid for tickets (lack of asterisk means that payment is pending):

*AhemOnWry (+1)
*Alex Hall
Athletix Man (+1)
*BillyFrijoles (already has tickets)

*CaliCelt (+1)
*cbscott25 (+1)
*chri5 (+1)
*falconsfury (already has tickets)
*GoldenStateGuerrero (+1)
*groversson (already has tickets)
*MatZt (+3)

*Maylai (+1)
*MobiusKlein (+3)
*RickeyRun (+1)
*SirDan (already has tickets)
*son of ptbarnum
*Torrey's Tacos
*Tutu-late (+3)
*Tyler Bleszinski

...And the list of people who initially expressed interest but do not currently have a ticket waiting for them because they never responded:

Drone (+1) (can't make it)
fridaynightfan (+1)
Mike Siegel
Pal Smurch (+2)
saberathletics (+1)
senrybcire22 (+3)

We're getting seats in the area of Sections 126-130, which is around by the A's bullpen, because that's personally my favorite view of the park and it's the most middle-of-the-road price option ($23 per ticket for the group package). Note that "Field Level" is rows 21-40, above the aisle running through the middle of the 1st deck. I need to have the final head count by August 23, at which point the tickets also need to be paid in full, so I am setting a hard deadline of  Wed, Aug 21 for you to get payment to me.

Here is what you need to do by Aug 21 (next Wed):

1. E-Mail me at, to confirm your RSVP and your number of guests (or to add your RSVP if you aren't on the list already). It's not too late to sign up!

2. When you email me, in the same message, specify whether you would like to pay via PayPal, or by check. If you can't do either of those then we will figure out another method, but hopefully that won't be an issue. If you choose PayPal, then I will send you the email address to which you should send your payment. If you choose check, then I will send you a physical address to use. I will also include your total bill in my response to avoid any confusion.

3. When you have received my response, send your payment using your preferred method (note: current price for the tickets I'm looking at is $23 each). If you are sending a check, then you should get it out ASAP but I will probably be lenient regarding the deadline since I know that you'll be at the mercy of the postal service.

4. When you pay, include your AN username in some way (subject line of check or added message to your PayPal payment) so that I know who is paying me.

If any part of this plan seems sub-optimal, then speak now or forever hold your peace!

Alright, get me those RSVP's ASAP and get me your payment as soon as you hear back from me. If you haven't RSVP'd yet, then just do it through email rather than doing it in the comments.

I look forward to meeting you all on Sept 8!