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Game Thread #115: A's at Blue Jays

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Sonny Gray is starting!


Good morning, Athletics Nation!

I have concluded that winning is more fun than losing. My evidence in support of this conclusion is that watching yesterday's 14-6 win was way more fun than all of Oakland's previous slumptastic losses. The lineup was mashing the ball (albeit, in a hitter's park against a crappy pitcher), and Jarrod Parker was on his game.

Today, things get even more exciting. Sonny Gray is here, making his first Major League start. He had a pair of two-inning outings out of Oakland's bullpen, so this won't be his MLB debut, but it's still a big day for Sonny and the A's. He'll be facing Mark Buehrle, who totally won't beat the A's twice in a row...right?


It's the lefty lineup today! Norris hits high in the order (finally), Callaspo is back, and Freiman and Young draw the starts. We're gonna see runs today, everyone, I can feel it!

Let's Go Oakland!