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DLD 7/9/13: Rage Edition

Links before the A's and Pirates square off for game two of three.

Justin K. Aller

Jeff Sullivan, of Lookout Landing fame, analyzes the worst pitches thrown this year by Bartolo Colon. All three of the pitches from home games were games I attended.

In case you didn't see it yesterday, AJ Griffin's interview on Intentional Talk can be found here at about the 22:30 mark.

Many A's fans find it ridiculous that Steve Delabar is on the AL Final Vote Ballot. The NL side has a guy named Pencr.

In minor league news, Beloit and Midland do not have games today, while the River Cats send Sonny Gray to the hill. I'm not a gambling man, but I would put a lot of money on the River Cats tonight considering that they're facing Jeff Francis. The River Cats redefined crooked numbers the last time they faced the former first-round pick.

David Schoenfield of ESPN has nice things to say about Bartolo and the A's.

Tonight's starting lineup is out, and Josh Reddick is batting second? O ... kay ... . Trust the Newbob, I guess. Look at those pinch-hit options, though. Not bad at all.