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DLD 7/8/13: Greenhorn Edition

Links before Grant Green debuts against the Pirates.

Believe it or not I'm walking on air
Believe it or not I'm walking on air

Fangraphs' J.P. Breen talks about Grant Green's callup and and how he could fit into the A's plans.

After the Huntsville Stars hosted 2nd Amendment Night, here's a list of other Constitutional promotions that could be held.

Rickey Henderson wasn't always a great baserunner.

The bat flip certainly raises a lot of controversy. How do you feel about it? Personally, I feel like players have a right to celebrate a home run or walk-off, but I don't like seeing bat flips on other situations.

As mentioned in the comments on another thread, Crawfish Boxes has an article on the Lowrie trade.

Eric Sogard is now the backup shortstop. Does this mean Green will start against lefties and righties? It is certainly implied, according to Jane Lee.


Encouraging stat of the day:

Today's starting lineup is out.

On this day a year ago, tthe pie tables were turned and the A's got back to the .500 mark heading into the All-Star Break.