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Trade Deadline DLD for 7/31/2013: Stretch Run

With only hours remaining until the non-waiver deadline, the A's have made one move. Does Beane have any others up his sleeve jersey?

Bob Levey

In case you were under a rock yesterday, the A's acquired Alberto Callaspo from the Angels for Grant Green. You can read my post on the trade here, and the commentariat reaction, too.

There are certainly other pieces out there, should the A's wish to deal more. For example, Bud Norris is still available for the right price, and he's well-rested. There's always Phil Hughes, who's homer-happy tendencies may disappear in the Coliseum. That said, it doesn't appear he's very popular.

Of course, there's always Michael Young.

Stay tuned here for any A's news that comes across the wire.