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DLD 7/29/13: Passport Edition

Links before the Blue Jays come to Oakland.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven't seen it yet, Mykayla Herrera is a truly awesome fan.

Jake Peavy is now not for sale. Neither was Chris Sale.

News pertaining both to the AL West and AL contenders: Jose Veras has been traded to the Tigers. This doesn't bother me at all, partially because the Tigers still lack most of the pieces of a solid bullpen (they lack left-handed pitching), and partially because of this.

Here's some dialogue between managers and umpires. Lots of strong language involved. Unfortunately, Bob Melvin is not included in these.

If the Rays didn't scare you already, maybe Jesse Crain's presence will rustle your jimmies a bit. If you were already worried, WELP.

One American League team has interest in Brian Wilson. Feel free to speculate.

It is officially panic time in Texas. I fail to see the logic behind making a move for Brian McCann, considering that they have A.J. Pierzynski. It would not shock me to see the Rangers pursue him in the offseason, though.

Scott Downs has been traded from Anaheim to Atlanta. One can look at this from a couple of different angles. If facing Scott Downs frightens you, you should be pleased to see him out of the AL West, and the AL altogether, for that matter. I'm surprised Detroit didn't push for him. That being said, Downs shouldn't scare you. It's unfortunate that the A's won't be able to face him again until the World Series.

East Bay native Jimmy Rollins wants to stay in Philly.

Jeff Sullivan has quite a bit to say about the trade deadline adventures of the Texas Rangers.

It looks like Jose Cisnero has the inside track to take over as closer in Houston. Chris Young is certainly ready.

I find it remarkable that David Ortiz will not be suspended for nearly killing Dustin Pedroia.

Ever wondered what struggling teams do to bring in fans? The Brewers are giving every fan a $10 voucher in August. I wonder if their September deals will be even better.

With Michael Morse's return, Jason Bay has been designated for assignment.

Here's a look at remarkable second-half surges. The 2012 run wasn't as shocking as some of these based on how the A's closed out the first half. It was more remarkable because of the payroll and expectations, or lack thereof, than anything else.

On this day a year ago, the A's lost a stinker to the Orioles. Rather than read about a dull, depressing loss, take a look at the other games from that series, including a game that sounds like an alcoholic nightmare from Texas that ended the right way.

Tonight's starting lineup is out, and Eric Sogard is batting second on the heels of his recent hot streak. Josh Donaldson is back to hitting sixth.