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Game Thread #103: Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels

After a disappointing loss last night, the first-place A's try to regroup and gain the game they lost, in an inept display of offense, defense and pitching. Tonight's game has to be better as the A's knight in shining, if not baggy, uniform takes the mound, trying to beat the Angels.


Bartolo Colon has been awesome this year. Just amazing. Like, Cy Young award amazing. He'll have another chance tonight to build on his epic season as he will try to shut down the Angels, and take away any hope they have of getting back in the race. This four-game series could be the difference in the season; the Angels could either have hope with a series win, or feel the AL West might be out of reach if the A's can turn around and win the series themselves.

Easier said than done; however, as the A's have been playing anything but first-place baseball since the All Star Break. They can't depend on their pitching to throw shutouts every night (although the pitching has been very, very good); their offense and defense has to step up. Bartolo Colon will face off against Jerome Williams. Colon pitched an amazing game against the Angels, and the A's hit Williams well, so here's hoping for some deja vu tonight!

Here are your lineups: