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DLD 7/25/13: The Boys Are Back In Town

Links before the A's kick off a four-game series and a ten-game homestand.

Bob Levey

From about a week ago, here's an article on Mike Selleck, the A's Baseball Information Manager. You often hear Selleck's name mentioned on broadcasts, as he provides lots of the stats they mention during games.

Way to go, Josh!

The Rangers basically want to trade for everyone, partially motivated by fear of a Nelson Cruz suspension. One should note that Kendrys Morales is suggested "to fill a need for a right-handed hitter". This year, Morales has a wRC+ of 130 hitting from the right side as opposed to 118 from the left, but for his career, it's 126 from the left side and just 97 from the right side.

John Jaso was checked for concussion symptoms once again. Facing a lefty tonight, Derek Norris will start, but after that, the A's are slated to face right-handed starters Friday through Monday in the form of Jerome Williams, Garrett Richards, Tommy Hanson and Esmil Rogers. It would not shock me to see Norris start on Saturday with the day game after the night game. Jane Lee talked with Jaso and judging by what he said, it wouldn't shock me to see Jaso go to the seven-day DL and for Stephen Vogt to get a brief callup.

On this day a year ago, the A's beat the Blue Jays quite handily. It was also the birth of Piederman. Want to find the last time before that Blue Jays game that the A's won a game by 16? You're going to have to dig deep. Nico wrote the recap on that day just over eight years ago.