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Post-Game: A's Defeat Astros 4-3

Now you have an excuse for why you're drinking at 2:30pm on a Wednesday - you're celebrating!

It wasn't supposed to be this difficult. These were supposed to be the easy games. However, it turns out that the Astros are a Major League team, and the A's actually had to put in effort to take two of these three games.

The scoring went as such

Homer by Jaso, 1-0 A's
Homer by Altuve, 1-1
Homer by Corporan, 3-1 Astros
RBI double by Sogard, 3-2 Astros
Homer by Coco, 4-3 A's

The recap will be up in a bit, but for now, here's a post-game thread to keep you busy. Talk amongst yourselves.