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DLD 7/23/13: Politically Correct Edition

Links before the A's and Astros do it all again.


It sounds like if all goes well with Yoenis Cespedes tonight, he may be back in the lineup on Wednesday. If all goes well. Bud Norris is slated to start Wednesday for Houston, in case you were wondering.

Although the odds of it happening are slim, a new hat is in the ring of hats belonging to right-handed utility infielders, and it belongs to Brandon Inge. The immediate reaction among the commenters here seems to be a definite no, but I wouldn't mind him as a 40-man roster player.

Anaheim players weren't happy after being thoroughly dominated by Bartolo Colon on Sunday.

It appears AL West teams are not interested in Jake Peavy or any other starting pitchers that could be traded.

Lots of minor league affiliates in action today.

On this day a year ago, the A's were off. They had finished their four-game sweep of the Yankees and were set to begin a six-game trip to Toronto and Baltimore. Since there are no weekend DLDs, here's a look at the second and third games of the sweep. On this day a year ago, Nico wrote an article on the A's pitching staff and how Bartolo could factor in.

Today's starting lineup is out, with Cespedes once again absent. Chris Young is the extra right-handed bat in his place. I like this move, considering that Young is getting more consistent plate appearances and, more importantly, he gets to play against Houston.