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Open Thread: Trading Post

Two weeks till the trading deadline, and the A's have some holes to fill.

Don't worry GoodBob, we're not trading you.
Don't worry GoodBob, we're not trading you.

Grant Green and Sonny Gray have been called up since our last go around with the trading post. Both players filled areas of want that I identified last time: Middle Infield and Set Up Reliever.

But there are things still to be desired. Gray may be moved to the rotation in some capacity, or stay on as a reliever. Or, he could be sent down to AAA and continue starting after the All Star Break. The move with Gray seems to me to be more of a move to lower Gray's overall inning count while giving him MLB experience. So another bullpen ace could still be very useful.

With Green, we have a RH Platoon bat for 2B with Sogard, though with admittedly less glove than we'd like. I still hold to the hope that the A's can acquire Chase Utley, who would be an upgrade both on offense and defense, giving us really just one major "hole" in the infield, Lowrie at SS.

Chris Young remains the other problem for the A's. The A's need someone exactly like Chris Young. But, they need the 2010 or 2011 CY and not the current Young who has been worth -0.1 WAR this season. This could be filled by promoting MIchael Choice, to complete the trifecta of A's first round picks to the Majors (sorry Jemile). Or, the A's could look outside for another bat, and to delay Choice's service clock.

Feel free to go nuts, and vett out any trade scenarios you like. After all, tis the season to be bored (All Star Break) and hungry for new talent while on the clock (Trade Deadline).

Cause hey, maybe the A's can trade for Robinson Cano?