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Home Run Derby Open Thread

The HR derby actually matters to A's fans for the first time in basically ever.

Go Cespy!
Go Cespy!

Go Cespedes! In the wake of coming out with his defection story, which I'm sure took a lot of courage, he goes out there, monkey off his back, ready to slug his way to baseball immortality winning a contest no one will remember! Thanks Robinson Cano for doing us A's fans a solid.

National League

David Wright, New York Mets (captain); Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals; Michael Cuddyer, Colorado Rockies; Pedro Alvarez, Pittsburgh Pirates.

American League

Robinson Cano, New York Yankees (captain); Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles; Prince Fielder, Detroit Tigers; Yoenis Cespedes, Oakland Athletics.


*well not really but it counts way more for us than when there were no A's in the competition.

Here are the odds - Bryce Harper is favored, that media darling.