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DLD 7/10/13: National TV Edition

Links before the A's and Pirates square off on ESPN.


From the land of former A's news, Chad Gaudin reportedly did something really gross a few months ago. Click at your own risk.

Howard Bender, who covers Fantasy Baseball on Fangraphs, says owners should pick up a couple of young players, including Sonny Gray.

Speaking of Gray, he's officially on the roster and will be wearing Travis Blackley's old number.

I hope everyone realizes that if the A's hadn't come back in Game 4 of the ALDS, and if Ray Fosse hadn't screamed, and if the A's hadn't started his collapse, Jose Valverde would most likely still be closing games in the big leagues instead of wearing hot dog jerseys.

As tweeted by Jane Lee, here's a flashback to when Sonny Gray got drafted.

From the minor leagues, every A's affiliate is in action today, with the exception of the Dominican Summer League club, who got rained out.

If you've got things to do and thought you'd miss the start of tonight's game, you're in luck! If you have late plans tonight, it's not looking so good for you.

Jon Morosi talks about the Biogensis issue and how it could affect teams in the second half.

Today's starting lineup is out, and it's of the left-handed starter variety. Take note that with Gray, the A's now have six right-handed reliever options, a nice luxury to have with Grant Balfour and Ryan Cook having pitched two days in a row. Tommy Milone gets to hit tonight. He's 2 for 7 with an RBI so far, and he's gotten BABIP'd a couple times.