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Game Thread #63: Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox (1)

Do you know what's hot, hot, hot this Friday night, besides the summer weather? That's right, your 2013 Oakland Athletics, with 100 games left to play in the season, are absolutely scorching, blazing hot, as they look to take the second game of the series from the White Sox in Chicago tonight. Jarrod Parker and Chris Sale will meet for another duel, and Parker will look to take him down again.


Why hello, first place! Don't you look lovely from exactly a half game away? The A's will try to take over first place tonight and beat the White Sox again behind Jarrod Parker, who will be facing Chris Sale. If this match-up sounds familiar, it should, the exact game was played last week, and the A's are hoping for the same result.

The A's will go with the right-handed lineup tonight, with the exception of Josh Reddick, who is looking to build on the power he showed in last night's game. Freiman will be in the lineup at first, and Norris will do the catching. Last night's hero (besides Cespedes, of course), Adam Rosales, will be at shortstop.

Here are your lineups: