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Game Thread #61: A's at Brewers

Oakland and Milwaukee square off in the rubber match.

This is going to happen today.
This is going to happen today.
Doug Pensinger

Last night didn't happen and today's game is the finale of a 2-game series. That's how I'm remembering it. There's no way that Yuni Betancourt really walked off against us, right? That must have been a fever dream or something.


Smith over Reddick? I don't like it. Reddick has been hitting the ball hard since his return and is the much better defender. I'm never bummed to have Smith in the lineup, especially with the way he's hitting this year, but I'm currently bummed not to have Reddick in there. Stupid NL and its stupid rules. Good thing we get to see Bartolo Colon hit today instead of Reddick, because tradition and strategy and men being men and whatever. Just get the DH already ya knuckleheads.

Also, Ryan Braun is out of Milwaukee's lineup. Losing this game would be completely and utterly unacceptable. Gotta win this one. Gotta do it.

Go A's!