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Game Thread #82: A's vs Cardinals

The A's look for a series win against St. Louis on Coco Crisp Bernie Lean Bobblehead Day.


The NL ain't so tough. Oakland is making mincemeat out of Cincinnati and St. Louis, and those are two of the best that the Senior Circuit has to offer. They'll be tested today, though, as Adam Wainwright takes the mound for the Cardinals.

Wainwright has sort of been like Bartolo Colon this year, except better in every way. Colon's got a 2.79 ERA? Wainwright is at 2.31. Colon has only walked 3.1% of the batters he's faced - 13 total all season? Wainwright has only walked 2.2% of the batters he's faced - 10 total all season. Colon's only allowed 8 homers in over 100 innings? Wainwright's only given up 4. Wainwright also strikes more batters out, throws more different pitches (a cutter and a curve), is taller, younger, weighs less, and can sort of swing the bat, for what it's worth (.198 career average). I bet he can't stand there and throw the ball up in the air like Bart does, though.

Jarrod Parker goes for Oakland. He's thrown nine straight quality starts, and the A's have won all but two of them. His ERA is down to 4.27 after that dreadful start to the season.


Stephen Vogt gets the day off after breaking through with his first Major League hit last night. Otherwise, the lineup is pretty standard. Josh Reddick has his average up to .219 and is riding a 7-game hitting streak, and Eric Sogard has a .350 OBP. This team is beautiful.

Let's Go Oakland!