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DLD 6/27/13: Evening Edition

Your links to help finish off this off-day.


Hey there everyone! I know this off-day is coming to a close but I have some links for you. If you're living in the Bay Area, hope you're enjoying the spectacular weather today.

It appears Alexei Ramirez is single and ready to mingle available. Rosterbate, speculate, or just plain go nuts! (Opinion: I don't think he's that special.)

Dave Cameron of Fangraphs believes that it would make perfect sense for the A's to add Chase Utley. Twitter has been on fire for most of the day with Utley arguments.

Carson Cistulli looks at how the locations of ballparks relate to populations, with the Coliseum checking in at 23rd out of 30. However, this article only includes the zip codes near the stadiums.

Here's Cistulli using walkability ratings in order to determine which ballparks are the best located. He notes that the ratings don't include tailgating. Of course, the Coliseum is a tailgating haven. I can't find any other parks with as much tailgating aside from Milwaukee.

Susan Slusser talks about yesterday's win, and Josh Donaldson's resurgence as well as his plate discipline. She also poses an interesting question: there's a fan ballot for the final spots in the Futures Game?

Scott Ostler speaks very highly of newcomer Stephen Vogt.