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Dld 6/26/13: Sugar Edition

Happy Root Beer Float Day! We've got some quick links for you before I head out to the game.


Hey guys! Just a few links before I head off to Root Beer Float Day. Hope you have a nice day!

Write some bad baseball poetry! Seriously, try your hand at it. I find this to be a lot of fun.

Tutu's favorite player has kindly been told by his GM to shut up, and I find it to be tuu, tuu funny.

Munenori Kawasaki, a fan favorite in Seattle for things like sitting on top of a player who briefly played for the A's, and a fan favorite in Toronto for interviews like this one, has been sent down to make room for Jose Reyes on the roster. In his final game with the club for now, he went out with a bang. Hopefully he gets another crack at the bigs.

The White Sox blew it yesterday, and while Hawk's reaction was good, Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen's was even better. The Sox would walk off.

Hope you enjoy your Wednesday and I hope to see you at the East Side Club for Root Beer Float Day. Have a good one!