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Stephen Wins The Vogt, Called Up For Tonight's Game

I can absolutely guarantee you that Vogt did not get a hit here.
I can absolutely guarantee you that Vogt did not get a hit here.

With John Jaso banged up (left hand abrasion) and Derek Norris' batting average simply abrasive, the A's have called up catcher Stephen Vogt to take Dan Straily's spot on the roster.

Vogt is having a terrific season at AAA Sacramento, with a batting line of .325/.393/.541 (.934 OPS), with 28 BBs and 33 Ks. This being the Bay Area, it should come as no surprise that Vogt swings left. Also encouraging is that at last check Vogt had thrown out 41% of ballots would-be base stealers.

On the "If he's so great, how come I've never heard of this guy?" side of the coin, Vogt is 28 years old and in his only cup of coffee in the big leagues last year with Tampa Bay, he had 27 plate appearances. He walked twice and he got out the other 25 times. That's right: 0 for 25. Strangely, he only struck out twice, so on "batted balls in play" he is a robust -- I mean, bust -- 0 for 23.

Intriguing, right? With RHPs Bronson Arroyo and Homer Bailey going for Cincinnati tonight and tomorrow, and with tomorrow being a day night after a night game, you would think Vogt will start one of the games against the Reds. Perhaps he'll even start both games, a la "Vogt early, Vogt often!!!!!"

I can't wait to see him! Or do I need to register first?