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DLD 6/24/13: Anniversary Edition

Links on an off-day.

Jason O. Watson

Bob Rose looks at where the A's are this year compared to last year, and why not to panic.

Aaron Gleeman looks at Dan Straily's demotion to Sacramento, but forgets that the A's don't need a fifth starter again for two weeks and also neglects to mention that four of those 17 homers came in one game.

Unhappy about the A's bullpen as of late? You can relax because it could be far, far worse.

Arte Moreno continues to sit around and relax. He said that Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols looked like great acquisitions on paper, which they didn't.

Chris Cwik takes a good look at Jarrod Parker and how he's turned things around. Very well-written piece. I suggest checking it out.

Scott Ostler from the San Francisco Chronicle performed the national anthem on a harmonica before Sunday's River Cats game, and did so quite well.

Hiroyuki Nakajima is settling in in the PCL. Maybe he'll be the one getting the call to the bigs tomorrow.

John Hickey talks with Jesse Chavez about his recent successes.

On this day a year ago, thanks to Derek Norris, the A's won one of my favorite games of all-time. If you've got nothing else to do, here's the game thread. The anniversary of the walkoff comes at 3:59 pm.

Happy birthday to our blogfather overlord, Nico!

That's all for today, folks! Here's to a great homestand! We may not have a DLD on Wednesday, but expect hot, juicy links for Tuesday and Thursday.