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DLD 6/19/13: Unthemed Edition

Links before the third game of four between the A's and the Rangers.

Rick Yeatts

From Monday's Uni Watch, readers were directed to this photo of Josh Reddick wearing A's logo stirrups. While Josh usually goes with the high cuffs for day games, it's the first time I can recall seeing him with the logos on the stirrups.

Craig Calcaterra touches on Major League Baseball's response to the San Jose lawsuit. There are tons of articles on other outlets that discuss the lawsuit, but Calcaterra's seems to be the best from what I've seen.

In sort-of-former-A's news, Manny Ramirez will be leaving his team in Taiwan.

Jordan Norberto tweeted this photo of him with Dr. James Andrews, who will be performing Tommy John surgery tomorrow. I personally thought Norberto was a solid option in the bullpen when healthy, and I hope he recovers quickly and eventually gets re-signed by the A's.

Matier and Ross from the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a column on what exactly caused the stinky problem that took place back on Sunday. Nice to see the A's getting publicity from a column that rarely talks sports at all, even if it's for crappy reasons.

Ian Kinsler received three stitches after yesterday's collision.

Rob Neyer has a lawsuit article as well.