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Game Thread #71: A's vs Mariners

Please please please don't let the Mariners sweep the A's in Oakland.

Can Donaldson out-rain Seattle?
Can Donaldson out-rain Seattle?

It's cool guys. I know that Oakland has lost the first two games of this series to the freaking Mariners, but there's no way that Seattle will complete the sweep, right? I mean, Felix already started yesterday, so what else is there to be afraid of? Let's see, who's starting today...

Hisashi Iwakuma - 1.79 ERA, 6.21 K/BB

Well crap. What's worse, Iwakuma has already beaten the A's twice this year. Luckily, Oakland has the Unstoppable Bartolo Colon taking the hill, so this game might only last about 90 minutes.

On the bright side, Josh Donaldson is back in the lineup after taking a well-deserved day off to rest a sore leg. Who will win this battle between Seattle, a city known mostly for its rain, and Donaldson, a player known mostly for bringing the rain? Only time will tell.