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DLD 6/15/13: Chumbawamba Edition

The A's look to get back up again when they face the Mariners at 4:15.

Thearon W. Henderson

Brett Anderson will remain in a walking boot for another four weeks, which means he'll be out of the boot around the All-Star Break, which means he probably won't be back until August. Welp.

Shit just got even more real between Miguel Montero and Zack Greinke. Grab your popcorn.

Kyler Newby has been moved up to Triple-A, while Mike Ekstrom has been given the axe.

Brace yourselves, the right-handed pitchers are coming.

Ken Rosenthal is the latest major writer to talk about the A's dominance over the past calendar year.

In news that doesn't pertain to the A's, or the AL West, or the American League altogether, Miguel Olivo has walked out on the Marlins.

Here's a cool look from Uni Watch's Phil Hecken at the most iconic uniforms each AL team has worn as well as their most iconic stadium. I couldn't agree more with his A's pick.

Today's starting lineup is your standard lineup against a right-handed pitcher, with the exception of Chris Brandon Young in place of Josh Reddick.

On this day a year ago, Manny Ramirez was released and the A's beat the Padres 10-2 on a fireworks night thanks to a solid outing by Travis Blackley and offensive production from Brandon Moss and Cliff Pennington.