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DLD 6/14/13 - The Day After Edition

Several moves today, and some good news from the rainmaker.

Glad it wasn't serious, raindude.
Glad it wasn't serious, raindude.

First off, lets get to Twitter:

On Roster Moves:

Also from slusser, Yoenis Cespedes returns to the lineup; Dan Otero up, Hideki Okajima out. So Yoenis is healthy, but Coco is not. Coco, per Rotoworld, is still out with his heel problem, and I am sure the limping yesterday did not help.


In the Standings Porn department, the A's are now 2 games up on the Rangers, and are tied with the Red Sox for the best record in the AL, and as of this thread, they are losing 2-0 in the 5th to the Orioles. The Rangers are leading the Wild Card, and the Mariners, Angels and Astros are the worst teams in the AL. Wow.

Dump away.