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Game Thread #67: Oakland Athletics vs. New York Yankees

After taking a commanding lead in last night's contest, and ending up with a nailbiter, the A's will take the field again tonight, looking to win the series against the surprisingly-good-despite-a-raft-and-a-half-of-injuries New York Yankees. The Yankees will send out Phil Hughes against our own Dan Straily in a game that the A's would love to win.


So you did hear the news today, right? I mean, really. It's been determined that the A's are off to their best start in 21 years; somewhat of a non-surprise as you look at the historic crappy Aprils and Mays in this franchise history (or at least as long as most of us have been watching), but it's a fun statistic all the same. I've always wondered what would happen to the A's if they managed to put it together all season; yet I know all that matters is how they are playing during game 162 and beyond. But a historic season is fun, and this magical team from Oakland is drawing new fans daily. People whom I never thought would be baseball fans are now rooting for the A's (anecdotal example from my life; more on that later), and the A's are rewarding the fans with win after win after win.

Tonight the A's try to win their 20th game out of 25; it's not quite the 20 game win streak, but it's still boatloads of fun. More importantly, the A's are trying to beat the Yankees, win the series, and keep pace with the Texas Rangers, who they are trailing just slightly in percentage points for first place.

Sadly, the A's Cuban sensation proves he is days-to-days plural; he is not in tonight's lineup; a big hole in their power, so the A's will have to play without him against the (gasp!) right-handed Hughes. Smith, Lowrie, Donaldson, Reddick and Moss will try to pick up the slack.

For really, really cool news about tonight's first pitch, see here.

Here are your lineups: