Lew Wolfe Interview

Wow, I was really disappointed by his interview with Chris Townsend yesterday.

Go to 95.7the for a clip of it.

I just wanted to hear that he was dedicated to the A's, that he loved our team and it's traditions and how he would take this team to the next level.

Instead it was a businessman talking about money and how he will NEVER stay in Oakland.

He had NOTHING positive to say for the fans, not even a thank you for your support.

He had NOTHING to say about the success of the A's.

This guys has NO love for the A's, it's ONLY a biz for him, his buddy got him a cush investment and now he's raking in cash from it.

Lew Wolfe needs to SELL this team as soon as possible. Go buy a hot dog company or something, this guy cares nothing about baseball or the A's, just milking it for every dollar he can.