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DLD 6/11/13: Tebow-Free Edition

Today's assortment of links comes before the A's open up a three-game set with the Yankees.

Brian Kersey

You can vote for your favorite Athletic of all-time. Sorry Tutu, Kouz is only available as a write-in.

John Shea talks about the recent matchups between the A's and Yankees. The full article requires an SFGate subscription.

Mike Zunino is getting the call to the bigs and is expected to make his debut at beautiful Safeco Field while the Mariners host the Astros.

A few potential AL contenders are interested in trading for Ricky Nolasco. If you want to base your opinions on Ricky Nolasco on one game in which he faced a very poor lineup, there is reason to be afraid. Very afraid.

Chris Perez and his wife have pled not guilty to marijuana charges. Their dog was involved in the story.

slegnA reliever Ryan Madson is still struggling to recover from Tommy John surgery.

Checking in with former A's: Andy Laroche is back on the market.

Jordan Norberto will undergo Tommy John surgery. Hopefully he recovers quickly.

It looks like a player from that team that the A's share the market with is headed to the disabled list.

The A's talk about their walk-up music. Who do you think has the best walk-up song?

Wanna stuff some ballots in a battle of walk-up music supremacy? Looks like the ballots don't even need to be stuffed, as the A's lead 14 of the 16 polls, and the two in which they trail are extremely close.

Take a look at the probable starters for this homestand. While the A's haven't officially confirmed the starters for this weekend, Milone, Griffin and Colon are slated to take the hill against Seattle. It would be Milone's third start this year against Saunders, with the home team winning each of the first two battles. AJ already faced Felix once last year up at Safeco.

As previously tweeted by the A's, Harrison Barnes will throw out the first pitch tonight.

MLB's Jeff Kirshman recaps the A's draft.

I don't know what to think here. Is it terrible because it's sexist, terrible because it's our flagship station giving the Giants even more coverage, or is it hilarious because it's making a mockery of Giants fans? (Personally I feel that one would have to be really easily offended to call it sexist. I think it's a mix of the latter two.)

How hard did Evan Gattis hit this ball? Go to 0:56. He knocked the resin off of it! Buster Olney just tweeted this one.

How many pitchers that have finished in the top five in MVP voting can you name?

Your LHP-style lineup is out, with Reddick as the lone LHB.

The A's were off on this day a year ago. They had been swept at Arizona the day before and stood at 26-35. Since then they've gone 106-60. It's been a heck of a year.

That's all for today. Hope to see you at the Coliseum tonight!