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DLD 6/10/13: Off-Day Blues

Your assorted daily links as the A's get some much-needed rest.

Brian Kersey

Rob Neyer checks in with news on our good friend, Brandon McCarthy.

If you haven't seen it yet, McCarthy tweeted his suggestions for batting practice music a couple weeks ago.

Grant Brisbee talks about six draftees, including another Tommy Milone.

The A's have made a minor-league transactation, acquiring Vinnie Catricala from the Mariners. Catricala is from Sacramento.

Josh Donaldson is making gains in All-Star balloting, but he's still a long way from the top.

Luke Montz is absolutely killing it once again in the minors. Here's the River Cats official press release.

Billy McKinney watched Moneyball. Brett Anderson is welcoming Billy to the organization in his own sassy way.

Harrison Barnes will be throwing out the first pitch tomorrow night.

We don't have two Cuban players of the week. Brett Gardner went 13 for 25, which trumps Cespedes' pair of two-homer games in the eyes of the media. I'm not claiming East Coast Bias here, because 13-for-25 is indeed a pretty awesome week, but you guys should feel free to.

Rhamesis from New Ballpark went to games at both Chicago ballparks, and took in an A's win over the White Sox with our very own Zonis.