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Game Thread #57: A's vs White Sox

The A's host Chicago for the second game of their weekend series.

Thearon W. Henderson

Last night, it took the Oakland A's 2:14 to shut out the White Sox. I think they can do it in 1:58 today.

It's a little easier to believe that Bartolo Colon threw a complete game shutout when you consider that the White Sox are 29th in MLB in scoring, four runs behind the Dodgers (who have played one extra game) and 31 ahead of the last-place Marlins (who have played three extra games LOLmarlins). Today, Dan Straily will take his turn against Chicago, having shut down the Rangers and Giants in his last two starts.

There is bad news, however. The White Sox are starting 24-year-old lefty Jose Quintana, who has never faced the A's before. NOOOOO!!! Oakland had never faced Dylan Axelrod before, and you all saw how that went - he nearly Colon'd them despite being a decent-at-best starter. Quintana has better numbers than does Axelrod, with a solid strikeout rate and good control. He's a lefty, though, which means that Nate Freiman will be in the lineup, and Freiman had never faced any Major League pitcher before this year but is still mashing lefties. There is hope, Athletics Nation.


Seth Smith is in there against the lefty, while Coco sits out. Any thoughts on that, SuSlu?

Whew. It feels weird having outfield depth again.

A win today would secure Oakland's fifth straight series victory. Let's Go Oak-Land!