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DLD 5/7/2013 – Clevelandia

Jason Miller

First, some injury updates

SuSlu says that Parker has a neck issue:

Parker, who'd earned his first win of the season his previous outing, left after five innings with what manager Bob Melvin called "a little neck strain." His status is unclear for his next start, but Parker said that if he needs to take time to resolve it, it's better to do it early rather than let it linger.

Parker said the neck problem has bothered him on and off this season. He has had regular treatment for it, but there were some starts in which it wasn't an issue.

Reddick is frustrated

Only Hernandez called it strike three. Reddick threw his bat a little over his head and said some things Hernandez probably didn't want to hear. Reddick probably should have been thrown out of the game. That he wasn't may be an indication that Hernandez may believe he blew the call.

No matter. Reddick went from confident to frustrated again, just like that.

"It's a tough time for him right now,'' manager Bob Melvin said.

I, for one, wondered why Reddick wasn't pinch-hit for in that situation last night. Why is Luke Montz around if not to face a tough lefty?

The Bay Area is hogging the cover of SI. Stephen Curry and Yoenis Cespedes.

Where has Casey Pratt been? Oh yeah, with his wife having a baby. Congrats, Casey!

Dump away!