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Game Thread #30: Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees

Sloppy play and continually bad starting pitching may have semi-worked out for the A's at home, but on baseball's biggest stage, facing the Yankees in New York, the A's might want to try a cleaner, crisper, better, more like real baseball approach to win games on this road trip.


So we're in Yankee Stadium tonight. Funny, it seems a little empty without Jeter, Rodriguez, Granderson and Teixeira, but the Yankees are the Yankees, and the crowd is still the New York crowd, and C.C. Sabathia will be on the mound. That's enough to rattle even the most seasoned of veterans, and we have none pitching tonight. Instead, it will be A.J. Griffin, who has struggled his last three starts, and will try to turn his season around. In Yankee Stadium. Yikes.

Did I mention that Sabathia won four starts in April already this season?

Here are your lineups, carefully crafted to give the A's an advantage. Adam Rosales of the hot bat on Wednesday, will be leading off, and Luke Montz will get another chance in the lineup; this time as DH.

I'm going to Disneyland (no really), so I am leaving you in Zonis' capable hands. I trust you will all bring home a win.