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Game Thread #54: Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants

The A's, winners of the first two games of this four game, two-city series, take on the Giants again, this time in the San Francisco ballpark, where apparently Jon Heyman thinks we should have been all along, since it's "A shame the a's and giants have to play these games at the coliseum while ATandT sits empty." Let's see if the A's can embarrass the Giants properly in their superior stadium.


The A's, who are rolling, rolling, rolling right along, winners of five in a row and 10 out of their last 11, take on the Giants in San Francisco tonight with some fire under their jerseys. Many of the A's players have reacted to Heyman's tweet, and I don't blame them. The A's are an incredibly fun team, and are currently owning the Giants, and it's about time they get some Bay Area credit for that. Let's hope we can continue tonight.

Tommy Milone will be taking on Timmy Lincecum tonight in the battle of Tommy vs. Timmy. The A's can make Lincecum work by waiting for their pitches, making him throw strikes, and taking the walks he will inevitably dish out. Meanwhile, Milone will be batting in the game, something he has looked forward to all season, and was seconds away from achieving in the 19th inning marathon game.

This will be an all-new lineup for Milone to face, and it's important that continues to pitch well. He has been up and down this season; his last two starts yielded a great game against KC, but a five-run night against Houston. Those runs all came within about 30 seconds; however, and otherwise, his 7-inning start was pretty solid.

Here are your lineups: