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Game Thread #51: A's at Houston

"Ooh, yum!"
"Ooh, yum!"
Jim McIsaac

A guy named Dallas (Keuchel) is starting for Houston. This is a rare occurrence in baseball. The last time something like this happened was when Sammy Saginaw fired a 5-hit shutout for Detroit in 19-eleventeen, and before that you have to go all the way back to 19-thirty-twelve for Pauly Puyallup's start for Seattle. He was knocked out in the πth inning.

Speaking of interesting city names, how about Looneyville, Texas (redundant), Dork Canal, Oregon (pretty sure my dentist wants to perform one of those on me), Whynot, North Carolina (honestly, why?), Licking, Missouri (could be worse, just not sure how), and, of course, Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Speaking of baseball Bartolo Colon, having celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday, joins only Don Sutton, Tom Candiotti, and Tommy John as A's pitchers to make a start after turning 40. He will try to keep the A's perfect record, now 8-0, going against the Astros.

Last night they were largely the Castros, with two HRs from Jason Castro (along with two from the red-hot Matt Dominguez, who has HRed 7 times in his last 12 games). Castro is the one who got Colon for a 3-run HR in Colon's previous start at Minute Maid Park, the only 3 runs Colon allowed in 6 IP.

Welcome back, Jed Lowrie! He's at 2B, and Seth Smith's solid hitting against LHP so far this year (.357/.400/.524) has earned him the start in RF: