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Game Thread #50: A's at Astros

Maybe don't wait until the last second to win this one, fellas?

Thearon W. Henderson

Last night, I had dinner plans which precluded me from watching the end of the game. Milone's disaster inning gave me an excuse to tear myself away from the TV and only be slightly late to the restaurant, but I kept watching the rest of the game Billy Beane Style (that is, checking the play by play on my phone). Luckily, we'd moved to a bar by the time I saw the final score, because if I'd let out that scream of joy in a quieter room then I probably would have drawn a lot more stares from fellow patrons.

It's one thing being a fan of a winning team. It's another thing entirely to be a fan of a winning team who specifically prefers to win in dramatic, late-inning, comeback fashion. The A's are really just never, ever out of a game. There is always a chance. I mean, there's technically always a chance for any team until that final out, but there's always a realistic chance with the A's. Gone are the days of being able to say "Game Over" after an opponent's 2-run homer in the 3rd.

The AmAzin' A's will try to preserve their perfect record against Houston today, with A.J. Griffin facing Lucas Harrell. Griffin was strong (but not dominant) in his last start, and has put together a string of 5 straight solid outings. Harrell dominated the Pirates in his last start, but lost a 1-0 decision; on the season, he's walked nearly as many hitters as he's struck out (32 K's, 30 walks) and given up a few too many homers. This could turn into an awfully fun game for the A's.


Jed Lowrie is still out with his bruised foot, which sucks on many levels. Not only does it open the door for Sogales to start up the middle, but Lowrie seems to hit well in Minute Maid Park (two of his three homers have come there in 2013) and is a former Astro who still holds a soft spot for his former team and its fans. The good news is that he might be back in the lineup tomorrow.

Clap, clap, clap clap clap. Let's Go Oak-land!