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Game Thread #49: Oakland Athletics at Houston Astros

This game thread brought to you by a really terrible internet connection in the true beach house where I am holed up, bringing you tonight's A's/Astros game on vacation. That's the kind of dedication you're looking for and hopefully one that the A's reward.


No one, and I mean no one, has been better so far against the Astros than the Oakland Athletics. The A's have started the season a perfect 6-0 against Houston, which helped bolster their strong start, and they will look for more wins as they are attempting a early-season comeback against the Texas Rangers. The A's, at 25 and 23, will throw Tommy Milone against Erik Bedard in search of their 26th win.

Bo Porter is not concerned, however:

"I think we were basically going through a tough stretch for our starting pitching at the time," Astros manager Bo Porter said. "I feel like our starters have done a much better job as we sit here today. They've played well against us. We've given them a couple of games by our inability to pitch to contact and allowed the counts to get real deep and the pitch count to get spiked up, but I feel like we're a much better ballclub than what they faced early in the year."

The Astros have won 4 of their last 7, so maybe there is something to that. Unfortunately, as we all assumed, Lowrie is still out of the lineup tonight, despite reports that he might come back, so we are looking at back-to-back Rosales and Sogard again, this time following Freiman and Montz. we really are giving Houston a fighting chance, aren't we?

The A's need to score early, and often, and stop leaving men on base. Thanks so much in advance. What is everyone doing for the long weekend?

Here are your lineups: